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Welcome Back NBA!

Screw LeBron’s “coming home” party, Kobe’s back.

Tomorrow marks the start of the NBA 2014-2015 season and Kobe’s first NBA game since Dec 18, 2013 against the Memphis Grizzlies. (Fun fact: Ed Davis was still part of that roster and now he’s with the Lakers). Aside from Davis, Lakers have a lot of new players like Jeremy Lin, Ronnie Price, Carlos Boozer, Wayne Ellington and their 7th pick in the 2014 draft, Julius Randle. Most of you probably don’t know many of them but that’s basically my favorite team’s roster this season. LAL also has a new coach in Byron Scott, in case you don’t have any idea. Like the Lakers, I don’t know what to expect from this team but I’m not doubting. They’re gonna get (#fanaticforecast) 8th seed or higher. Hooray for “managing expectations“!


It’s been said everywhere but yes it’s Kobe’s 19th year in the NBA. I don’t know how many few pages of his book are left but WHY ARE THERE STILL PEOPLE BUGGING THE SHIT OUT OF HIM? Doubters and haters have said a lot of things against him during the pre-season. If he’s done and irrelevant these days then can they please leave him alone especially Henry Abbott and his “anonymous sources” blaming Kobe for the Lakers’ woes. You want clicks for your articles? Write something about LeBron or Kevin Love or Carmelo Anthony or whoever it is that you think is the best player right now. Kobe is “old and boring”, so he shouldn’t be getting these kinds of sucky headlines anymore. Speaking of being old, *insert sad song here* Nash had been ruled out for the whole season. 🙁 Also, the team has a couple of injured players already and the season has yet to start. Bummer.

Misfortunes aside, I am just excited to see Kobe Bryant back in the court with a bunch of “kiddos”. 🙂

Welcome back NBA!


So after posting this, Julius Randle broke his leg. 🙁

It never stops.

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