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Handling Global Exceptions for APIs

I was able to teach myself (this includes a lot of Google-ing and asking) how to do some basic exceptions handling in a Rails app that uses GrapeAPI. I’ve experimented with Sinatra before for a hackathon so I was a little familiar with some of the concepts already but there are still things to learn (a lot actually!). The thing that “amazed” me with Grape is its built-in support for versioning APIs out-of-the-box. Check it out here.

So why bother handling the exceptions? Well, I believe it’s basically for DRYing up things especially if these exceptions in general are happening very often in your API.

Anyway, so the first thing I learned was to extend ActiveSupport::Concern so that I’ll be able to use its “rescue_from” method in my API. This is assuming that the API is separated from the app itself. After doing so, I created a module and collected the usual exceptions that I encounter. For example:

  • ActiveRecord::RecordNotFound – usually when an HTTP “PUT” method is in place and there’s no record in the database
  • CanCan::AccessDenied – for authorization issues
  • Grape::Exceptions::ValidationErrors – for all Grape validation exceptions such as required parameters, invalid parameters etc.

After identifying the “identifiable” exceptions (I’m not sure if one can actually determine everything), I wrote down the famous rescue_from :all code for a graceful exit.

[pastacode lang=”ruby” path_id=”f4137f046f75e6998c7d” highlight=”” lines=”” provider=”gist”/]

My module is just a basic implementation of exception handling in a Rails API but it serves its purpose so I’m a happy coder right now.

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