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Life Refactoring

I was actually thinking of a good workaround to improve my overall perspective in life or..well, life itself. While I was trying to figure out the things that I need to sort out, I realized that a pretty nice patch is not the answer to my problem. haha. reFUCKtoring REFACTORING is the solution.

A patch is a workaround or a temporary solution to a system’s problem. (If you don’t like my definition, you can Google it. Go ahead, I won’t mind.) Being the impatient person that I am, I know this may sound weird but I don’t like a temporary solution to the things that I need to fix anymore. I want something long-term. I want something legen… wait for it… dary. Wait, seriously, I realized that I don’t need the quick and dirty solution. I need some refactoring. Yes. You heard it from me… life refactoring.

According to this shit:

Refactoring is the art of reworking your code into a more simplified or efficient form in a disciplined way.

For more info about refactoring, click this shit. Why am I oversharing? HAHAHAHA!

Anyway, so being the weird me, I came up with something that you won’t actually imagine me doing: real world application of the concepts of refactoring.

The concepts of refactoring are relatively simple compared to, let’s say, Brownian Motion. But anyway, my point is, I would just like to share my life refactoring ideas with you. If anyone’s even reading this. Why am I such a boring blogger?


Refactoring is rethinking.

Some time last year, my life got shattered a little bit so I need to re-think and restructure my goals and priorities. This year’s a brand new year and I need to start anew.

Refactoring is done in small steps.

Yup. Slowly but surely I need to eliminate the annoying habits that I still have. I’ll start with my tardiness and then to x… x+1…x+2. Fuck. #whatthefuckamiwriting

Refactoring is simplifying.

Part of the rethinking process is simplifying. I guess I have to kind of reduce the complexity of my thoughts. WHAT??? Seriously, I just have to breakdown the tasks that I need to accomplish into smaller pieces. Mini goals = More fun!

Refactoring is proactive.

I told you I want something long-term. I want to be prepared for the future. YEHESSS. This is the mature Kat and I’m going to call her Kat 2.0 🙂

Refactoring is a disciplined way to improve productivity.

Actually the whole point of this blog is this. I just want to come up and follow some kind of protocols in order for me to become a more productive and better person in the coming years.


Kat 2.0 has now been officially released. Download here.


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