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So my first project for this year involves an opensource LMS. Basically it’s just a web tool that manages a learning environment. We’re just in the early stages of the development so I won’t be able to share much about it. During the initial r&d phase, we needed to prove that the system can support the features presented to us. So we worked on a prototype.

I installed the package in both Windows and Linux (CentOS) and determined the capabilities of the system. I was also able to create custom modules, set the needed configurations and security settings, tailor the system according to the rules presented and more. After some studying and tweaking…


We will be kicking off our actual development in a few weeks.

I’m geeeeeeeeeeeeekcited!

Even though everything is new to me, I’m really super excited. As in! The language is still the same but the rest of the frameworks and technologies that I will be using this year will be more challenging. Not that my tasks before were not challenging enough…there’s just some significant learning curve that I have to deal with. If you know what I mean.

Anyway, I did realize one thing while I am on this shit: I’m a sucker for new things.

Like for real, for real. I mean, I love new things. I love learning and discovering new stuff. They make me happy… like a fat kid loves cake.

Yeah. Sorry for the 50 Cent reference. It sucks. I suck at writing. I don’t even know why I am blogging. HAHAHAHAHA!

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