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Yo, Pau!

Yo, Pau!

What’s up? I hope you’re doing well. I know you’re too busy thinking about your future. Or maybe you’re just watching the World Cup. I’m not sure.

Anyway, this Free Agency is the weirdest. Everyone’s not making a decision unless LeBron makes his. Honestly, I want you to stay with the Lakers. But I’m just a fan. I’m not even from L.A. physically although I bleed Purple and Gold– even before you came into the picture. Look,  I know that LA’s not that enticing lately. Who would want to play for a team that has no coach, no concrete direction and no core roster yet? Not to mention, the team’s “superstar”, Kobe Bryant is coming from an injury that ended a lot of athletes’ career. I’d understand if you’ll eventually choose to play with Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook and Serge Ibaka. After all, they’re one of the top Western teams nowadays. Plus, Ibaka is your national teammate, right? I’m sure you’ll fit right in. Who knows?  You guys might actually win it all. OKC is your best chance to win another ring aside from the reigning champs, Spurs. Actually, come to think of it. You have a lot of options! You’re the most sought-after player in this free agency who’s  not named LeBron James.


I would sincerely understand if you choose to part ways with us. The Lakers’ front office hasn’t been exactly loyal to you before this anyway. Remember the CP3 trade that went down? You were part of that deal, right? We could’ve lost you that moment… And the year after that. And this sucky Lakers season just recently. Every damn year your name was part of a deal that just didn’t happen. I actually wrote something about that before too.

Anyway, my point is, you’re a big boy now. When Kobe called you out to wear your big boy pants, you did. When Dwight came in and took the second option role, you embraced the role that was given to you. Heck, when MDA made you do something that you’re not comfortable with, you even strived. When you were always the subject of trades, you still played your heart out. You’re the most unselfish NBA player that I know both in and out of the court. You’ve been very professional, Pau.

You’re a 2-time champion.

You deserve these offers.

It’s time you do something for yourself. No hard feelings. I just want nothing but the best for you.


-Kat <3

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