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WP Local Instance Installer

Of course, I am back to my WP projects. I’ve had some taste of RoR for the past few weeks but all things come to an end. At least for now.

Our QA engineer once wanted to install a copy of the site that I was developing but we didn’t have the staging server up yet so, I made an insta-installer for him.

Here is the readme. (I am too lazy to explain because it’s all there.)

WP Installer
Just a simple WP local machine installer for Ubuntu users.

(A trying-hard kind of thing)

What It Does
1. It will download and install WordPress.
2. It will create the needed database for you. (Will ask for mysql root pw)
3. It will set up the config file of WordPress.
4. It will move your site to the web server.

1. Download the file install_wp_ubuntu.sh 
2. Run the shell script by entering ./install_wp_ubuntu.sh in the command line.

Check out the whole stuff here: https://github.com/katpadi/wp-installer

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