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Why I Like The Team Fortress 2 Engineer

The Engineer is probably the most boring class in Team Fortress 2. Call me a noob, I don’t care. I just love being a TF2 Engineer.

Fun Fact: My youngest brother is probably better than I am in using any of the classes in this game!


I don’t know why I like this class. My guess is that it’s because I like making the other characters’ job easier. I love building things– sentry, dispenser, teleporters. I love building them. I like placing them strategically where others may benefit. I like seeing my teammates pass through my teleporters. I like hearing Dell Conagher say “Whoooowee! Makin’ bacon!”. I like fixing my sentry when it gets hit. I love being beside my oh-so reliable dispenser. I hate Spies. God, I hate them. They are the Engineer’s super enemies. Oh, and also the Demoman. Those grenades.

The other characters are probably far more exciting than the Engineer. The Soldier is the most talented for me. It can rocket jump and reach unreachable areas among many other things. The Scout can run super fast. The Heavy is, well, very heavy and it has this enormous Gatling-style machine gun. The Sniper is chill and badass himself killing people silently from a distance. The Pyro— which is my second favorite character is also fairly easy to use. It uses a flamethrower in short-range and compression blast to deflect shots and enemies. Yes, even the Heavy can get blown away!

What’s My Point, Powerpoint?

Anyway, I don’t know the whole point of this post. I just thought I’d let everyone know how I adore the Engineer. Plus, I’m weird. And, I don’t know. I like building things even though it’s hard and they get destroyed every other time. I still like doing it over and over again. Why? Because I can respawn and then place them in a better location. And then probably get my revenge on those fools who destroyed my stuff.

IRL Though

There are no respawns in life, literally. If  there were, the number of people with regrets will decrease exponentially. However, the lack of real-life respawn feature shouldn’t hinder anyone of us to try harder.


What I’m trying to say is that the life of a TF2 Engineer is just like ours! When he builds, it can be demolished by his opponent or it can kill them. If it’s the former, the Engineer can wait to respawn and place a sentry/dispenser/teleporter in a better location. Everyone of us has this chance– the chance to try again and do better. 🙂 Those aren’t unlimited though so it’s important that we learn in every iteration. The chances are also based on our choice.

In a game, things could end up with a W or L based on two factors: skill and luck. If you lose, you can wait to respawn, play another game or worst, stop playing. The last one’s boring. Boo.

Check out the Team Fortress 2 Engineer, If you haven’t:

*Sometimes IQ is a factor too but I consider that a “skill”.*

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