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My boss gave me 3 days off a.k.a probably PTO because the past few months have been VERY stressful. (I’m so lucky I’ve got awesome bosses)

Guess how I spent the first 2 days of my PTO???

1. A personal project <3
2. A side project ($$)

Call me crazy. I wouldn’t mind but hey come on I’m just a little weird. Some people would probably go shopping or something but I just stayed home and did, errr, coding stuff. To be fair, I did catch up on a lot of my TV shows too. Incidentally, my favorite series are back except for BrBa which just ended. :( It broke my heart. Bigtime. Both the ending and the fact that I wont see another new episode of it.

Oh well it’s 5am here. I have to go to sleep now.  My friends and I are going swimming today. I told you I’m not boring!!!

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