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My Long Weekend Was As Boring As This Post

I tried to be productive during the long weekend but I failed



miserably 😐

Please see image below for the graphical representation of my long weekend.

I know I didn’t do much so I made a list of some of the new and interesting stuff that I learned…perhaps to make myself believe that I did something worthwhile the whole weekend. HAHA!


I Learned How To Be A Good Tetris Battler

So I started playing this FB game during the Holy Week and I’m rank #16 now 🙂 I actually reached rank 20 but I lost a couple of stars lately. Yeah, it happens to the best of us and it’s called being on a SLUMP.

Best Record: 58 lines sent 🙂 #soproudofmyself

I Learned That Bynum Is Such A Douche

Unfortunately, I watched the Lakers lose 2 straight games during the holidays. I watched how Bynum got ejected because of his own stupidity vs. the Rockets. I saw how Kobe Bryant suited up on the sideline against the Suns. The Lakers lost both games respectively. Next game is tomorrow vs. NOH. If the Lakers don’t win, I’m going to hate them forever. PLEASE BE A GOOD BOY BYNUM!

I Learned How To Appreciate Music Because Of AI

I started watching Idol again when I had some alone time during my stay in you-know-where-it-is. I started rooting for Hollie immediately. I liked her, I mean, I still like her but she’s been a little off lately. (YESSSSS. Musically inclined???) I feel like she’s going home in a little while unless she bounces back big time. I’m beginning to like Skylar too. And of course, Colton Dixon. 🙂 I watched his audition video and I feel sorry for his sister. I feel like his sister wanted it more than he did back then.

I Learned How To Be Awesomely Good At Draw Something

Yes. I am on it! I finally gave in to the Draw Something craze. I drew a lot of stuff during the weekend. I know deep down that I am not ARTISTIC but I’m AWESOMELY GOOD in this game so I am posting my drawings here with all humility. HAHAHA!


Please click on my drawings! PLEAAAASE! PRETTY PLEAAAASE.

I Found A Hobby And It’s Called Fencing

Yes! I think I’m going to finally be able to try out fencing next month! I wanted to learn archery before but I figured it would be very mainstream because of the whole Hunger Games craze. Kidding 😛 Archery is a little pricey. I got very cheap fencing lessons because one of my officemates recommended her college varsity fencing coach. He talked to me during the weekend and I got a pretty good discount. En garde!


not that everything above the warning is interesting...

I Found Out Something Cool About PHP
I accidentally read something about PHP too during the vacation. Yup, you read that right. ACCIDENTALLY. I don’t read about programming languages during non-working days 😛

Anyway, so I learned that in PHP 5.4 we can already construct arrays in simpler ways like the ones below:

$lakers = [“kobe”, “pau”, “bynum”, “sessions”, “metta”];
$players = [“kobe” => 24, “sessions” => 7];

It’s so much easier, right? The classic way is still retained so you need not worry about your old codes when migrating to 5.4.

So another GOOD thing that they added on 5.4 is the support for array dereferencing directly from a function call. Prior to version 5.4 you had to store the returning value from a function into a variable, and then use the variable and “explode”.

So instead of the CLASSIC way:

$lakers = “kobe metta pau”;
$players = explode(” “, $lakers);
echo $players[0]; // output: kobe
echo $pieces[2]; // output: pau

This could be shortened to:

$lakers = “kobe metta pau”;
echo explode(” “, $lakers)[0]; // output: kobe

Pretty awesome right? It saves a little bit of memory and you wont run out of variable names.


So there you go! My weekend is this post 🙂 Metaphorically.

Long and boring.

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