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My Go-To ST3 Packages for Rails Development

While most of my officemates use RubyMine, I use ST3. The thing I love most about this editor is the versatile package system – there’s a package for almost everything!

Anyway, I decided to list down My Go-To ST3 Packages for Rails Development:

Package Control‘s first on the list because it allows me to easily add other plugins.  ‘Nuff said!

Side Bar Enhancements

Sublime Text’s sidebar is a bit minimalist so this plugin allows me to use cut, copy, paste, paste in parent, rename, move and many other things.


For automatically detecting RuboCop violations on-the-fly. Of course RuboCop gem itself is a dependency. 


Allows right click then “go to definition” and also “navigate to definition”

Update 07/12/2016:

This mouse map binding will let you command + click and go to definition.

[pastacode lang=”bash” path_id=”90665dc75c14b4e2ff5776fb98298d73″ file=”” highlight=”” lines=”3-12″ provider=”gist”/]


This plug-in applies the correct syntax highlighting. As an example, my.jbuilder files were not properly detected by ST3 by default before.

Bracket Highlighter

This one’s a bit obvious but it’s nice mainly because it detects even def-end pairs.

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