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New “stellar” work

Towards the last quarter of the year, I transferred to a new Silicon Valley-based company. You know what they say. New work, new life. And so far, I’ve been very happy with my current employer. ūüôā We are in the process of building a¬†cloud-based, big data customer loyalty solution app and I love being part of it. How cool is that?

You can read more about our company’s recent funding here.

Hackathons and meetups

  • The 1st Philippine¬†TechCamp (1st place!)
  • TADHACK Globe
  • WebGeek DevCup
  • Textify: The Chikka API Challenge

I can proudly declare 2014 as my “hackathon” year. I’ve experienced different kinds of hackathons and coding challenges that I was too shy to join in the year before. There were lots of coffee drank and nights extended¬†because of overnight coding. My¬†first time¬†wasn’t so bad after all. Thanks to @themarksteve‘s encouragement and support. I got to meet new people and try out Flask, Sinatra and Docker and many more things. I’m not saying I did good but at least I got to pitch in front of people and judges whenever we had to present our entry. One of the most classic 2014 events was when I had a¬†TV interview because of our winning app.10366299_792911887385847_5865288567296647431_n

I am not kidding. I got interviewed by Tony Velasquez in Future Perfect!


The rest of the hackathons that we joined in were¬†meh. Just kidding. It’s just that we didn’t win. Hahaha. Some of them promised to call us back because they’re interested in our app. We just haven’t heard from them yet. Maybe we won’t hear from them again. The important thing is that THIS YEAR, I TRIED.

Wait, one more thing.

This year I got to meet MATT freaking MULLENWEG! Wuhoooo!!!


Kat <3 Matt


Less travels ūüôĀ

2013 was full of travels and 2014’s quite the¬†opposite. It was a bit of a sober travel moment for me. I only had one out-of-the-country travel but it’s going to go down as one of the most awesome¬†places I’ve been to because everything was awesome in Tokyo, Japan!

I went to Tokyo Disney Sea and saw lots of cool stuff. I met Gundam. I went to Sega Joypolis and shit. (Thanks to @andreawhoo’s awesomeness) Oh, how can I forget those extra hours of stay¬†because we¬†missed our flight. DAMN IT.

bottom half of the Aztec pyramid #IndianaJones

bottom half of the Aztec pyramid #IndianaJones

Fun stuff!

This year I also bought A LOT of simple gadgets and fun stuff because I relatively¬†did not travel much. (Ditched a lot of piso fares haha!) I won’t mention every single purchase here because everyone will think that I am a child-like sonuva… I swear, I’m not. ūüėõ But I really love my new Parrot minidrone and LG G Watch R and my new LG G3. Also,¬†the Hyundai Tucson that only exists in my mind. Dream on, Kat.

Anyway, I think fun practice projects deserve a place in this post also. I got to deploy my mini Flask practice project called tambYOLO¬†and¬†Ruby bot that tweets X days before the NBA. Although, it had some bugs when the target date was already reached. I was also able to make my personal website rank #1 when you search “Kat Padilla”. Try it!!!

Plays & other local scenes

Will you judge me if this was my first time watching a play? (not including school plays of course HAHAHA) I saw Wicked in Manila. I really enjoyed it so we then watched this play called Cock from Red Turnip Theater. As usual, we also watched Cinemalaya entries. I think we saw almost all the entries. We specifically scheduled a film every freaking night after work!!! Oh yeah, I¬†also went to see “Art in the Park” in Makati.


So, 2015?

I won’t write stuff that I will do next year because¬†that’s cheesy. No specifics here. I got them all in my head. 2014 was all Mamba and I want something new next year. Don’t get me wrong. I still love Kobe with all my heart but next year, I’m gonna be swaggy!!!

Cheers to a swaggy 2015!!!

1466159_892671747409860_7703720735304058344_n#IDM #notattsonrightarmstrictlyforbuckets #myboosodope


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