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Heartbreaker: Yet Another Space Invaders Clone

I created something out of boredom: http://stuff.katpadi.ph.

So… obviously it’s a game. It’s not original. It’s nothing amazing. It’s a space invaders clone with a twist. I am still enhancing the “twist” part.

There’s a heartbreaker (it’s a pig!). It rips the hearts out. But the hearts still give hearts anyway. It’s silly, I know. There are stupid burgers for plus points too. And yeah, there’s a special bouncy bullet broccoli that’s basically just there to make your life harder. (I really need to make the broccoli rotate, argh) 

I used Phaser v2.8.8 to build it.

A few years back a friend of mine also taught me how to create a Flappy Bird clone. I called it Dragon x Starbucks: The Coffee Slayer (because I’m cheesy).


  1. I now have bonus pick-up items.
  2. I also added high score using local storage.



  1. I have fixed the multiple tween collision bug.
  2. I have burgers for +points.
  3. And a bouncing broccoli.
  4. A friend helped me with the “heartbreaker” sprite image.

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