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Congrats LeBron

Congrats, Bron!

As much as it hurts my heart to say this, LeBron worked his ass off this year. He’s a good player. We all know that. I just… I don’t know. He played hard. Congrats. I just can’t be genuinely happy for him but I know he worked hard for this.

Just please stop saying stupid things during interviews. Please?

As for the Thunder, I feel bad for KD.

Kobe and the Lakers broke his heart during the 2010 playoffs.

Mavs defeated them during the 2011 WCF.

And now… LeBron and the Heat won against them during the 2012 finals.

Every year there’s an improvement. They are still very young. They’ll come back hungrier. Plus, I would like to see them in the finals against the Bulls…

after Kobe gets (at least) his 6th.

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