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NBA 2k12 Cover

Is there a pattern being followed by 2K Sports when choosing the NBA 2k covers?

I’m not sure but usually it’s the player who had a stellar year for that season. #correctmeifimwrong

  • 2k8 – CP3
  • 2k9 – KG
  • 2k10 -Kobe
  • 2k11 – MJ
  • 2k12 – ???

I think this year is for Derrick Rose but it could probably be Dirk as well because he got to the finals… I can imagine Dirk’s signature one-legged step back fade away jumper being shown in the intro.

I want to see this super fade away shot below…… I’m not sure if this is “do-able” in 2k11 already because I haven’t experienced it yet. (haha)

caption: oh… that…..seemingly… unbalanced… and… awkward… shot! #damndirk

Oh wait, going back to the covers, yes it could be The Miami Heat big 3 too. #yeahyeahwhatever

Sorry, Lebron can’t be on that cover all by himself.



Anyway, my 2k12 cover predictions are all first timers.

  1. Derrick Rose [probably the youngest player to be the cover? not sure though. how old was AI when he was on the cover?]
  2. Dirk Nowitzki [first “white” player on the cover?]
  3. Miami Heat’s Big 3 [first time that multiple players will be on the cover]

Pick your poison!

D-Rose is my best bet for now.

Or…  if LeBron does something good during the finals, he can be on the cover all by himself with this pic:

Or maybe Bosh? ‘Cause he’s the “X-FACTOR”.





Don’t get me wrong.


I’m just writing about 2k covers because I’m bored.



The NBA 2K12 official covers have been announced. There will be three different covers to choose from when you pick up the game October 4th. They will feature: Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, and Michael Jordan once again.

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