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Happy 256th!

It’s the 256th day of the year and I spent all day coding. I mean, not really. No one does that!

Anyway, I spent this day getting rid of the hang of jquery and jquery-ui, and then integrating them into my Drupal test site. OMG. It is very daunting especially when the codes are written in a single line. WHAT HAPPENED TO USING NEW LINES AND INDENTION? I find it hard also to test but thank god for Firebug. Sometimes I can’t make something work and then eventually it would turn out to be just some noob mistake.

$(“#kat”).hide(); …in shame. WHEW.


Hug your favorite developer. Hug me. #LOL

If only I have so much time to write but then again I am a busy person. If you’re a programmer like me, grab another coffee and get back to work. Those bugs are not going away unless you fix them.

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