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Nocturnal Freak

It’s official. I’m a nocturnal freak. I wonder when will my body clock return back to its default state.

I just finished deploying some “patch” for a CMS site that I just created. There’s a lot more to do and I can’t for the love of everything holy make a staging instance. I directly debugged and deployed in production! Yeah I know it’s a MAJOR CRIME but I won’t be able to finish everything if I don’t do that. Those are only “easy” fixes anyway.


Another thing that’s keeping me from finishing this “phase 2 patch” is the limitations of the plugin that I used. Partly, it is my fault but they weren’t many specific details to begin with. What was I supposed to assume? I have tried migrating from my localhost to staging to production without this much complication but with this one it is really huge! It was not clearly planned and these are the consequences. The AdRotate Pro plugin is reacting violently. The super-customized-ads-plugin-to-the-point-of-no-return is a PAIN IN THE ASS. The Eway plugin is so scary to touch.

Everything is scary!


Update 10/16/2013: Finally, we’re done with this! Approved, tested, shipped and wrapped up forever!

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