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My Absolute Value Theory

The absolute value |x| of a real number x is the numerical value of a real number without regard to its sign. In simpler terms,

it is the distance of x from zero.

From an algebraic perspective, it looks like this:

If x ≥ 0, then |x| = x; if x < 0, then |x| = −x

Confusing? Yeah.

The -x makes it seem like the result is negative but “−x” must be interpreted as “the opposite of x”.

In reality, you just have to make the negative number positive and retain the number if it is positive.

One random day, I realized that the absolute theory can be applied to our daily existence. It has taught me two things in life:

1. that one can turn any negative x to positive

So, x may represent any circumstance that is or has a negative impact to your life. One can simply turn it into something positive by putting bars. In this case, bars may represent your effort to turn negative things to positive.

2.  distance is never negative.

I have no explanation for #2. Math says it is never negative. Math is an absolute truth. Math works, bitches!

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