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Lakers Reloaded

I’m so excited for the Lakers this season. 😀

So they have a new broadcasting partner,Time Warner Cable. I read somewhere that they will be making two exclusive Lakers channels for the next coming seasons. The bad news is I’m from the Philippines and I can only watch on BTV via Sky Cable. Anyway, here’s a sneak peak at their new TV graphics:

I know. It looks so awesome and it makes me feel terrible that I’m living in the Philippines. LOL. It reminds me of NBA 2K’s graphics.

The Lakers also added assistant coaches Eddie Jordan, Bernie Bickerstaff and Steve Clifford to Mike Brown’s coaching staff. I can’t write anything about them because I don’t really know them. You can check this out for more info: NEW ASSISTANT COACHES

So aside from the coaches, of course, the Lakers upgraded their roster. Here’s the new lineup.

2012-13 Roster
Num Player Pos DOB Prior to NBA/Country Yrs
5 Steve Blake G 2/26/1980 Maryland/USA 9
24 Kobe Bryant G 8/23/1978 Lower Merion HS (PA)/USA 16
6 Earl Clark F 1/17/1988 Louisville/USA 3
21 Chris Duhon G 8/31/1982 Duke/USA 8
3 Devin Ebanks F 10/28/1989 West Virginia/USA 2
16 Pau Gasol F-C 7/6/1980 FC Barcelona/Spain 11
0 Andrew Goudelock G 12/7/1988 Charleston (SC)/USA 1
27 Jordan Hill C 7/27/1987 Arizona/USA 3
12 Dwight Howard C 12/8/1985 SW Atlanta Christian Academy (GA)/USA 8
4 Antawn Jamison F 6/12/1976 North Carolina/USA 14
7 Darius Johnson-Odom G 9/28/1989 Marquette/USA R
20 Jodie Meeks G 8/21/1987 Kentucky/USA 3
1 Darius Morris G 1/3/1991 Michigan/USA 1
14 Troy Murphy (FA) F-C 5/2/1980 Notre Dame/USA 11
10 Steve Nash G 2/7/1974 Santa Clara/Canada 16
Reeves Nelson F 9/18/1991 UCLA/USA R
50 Robert Sacre C 6/6/1989 Gonzaga/Canada R
Greg Somogyi C 10/1/1989 California-Santa Barbara/Hungary R
15 Metta World Peace F 11/13/1979 St. John’s/USA 13

I just hope Mike Brown won’t mess this up!

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