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katpadi_2012.log (pre post year report)

I’m thinking about writing on how bad this year has been for me. Kobe once said that a season without a ring is a wasted season. However, I’m not Kobe. So instead of treating this year as a flop, I am making myself believe otherwise.

Let me start off with the fact that I received a MEMO, re: habitual tardiness, at work. I’ve always been a fan of clutchness and I like to challenge myself by getting to work right on the dot but last month I got the shock of my life. I found myself having a memo from the HR. (finding memo). So basically I got this paper that was signed by many bosses and it kinda says something like, “We have a new and stricter rule. Get your ass to work on time.” I’m not saying that I didn’t deserve it. I mean, you know how I roll.

And then there’s the actual work. Hmm so I’ve been dealing with a new team and totally different projects. Everything has been unfamiliar. It’s like I had to start all over again with my skills and exp level. I can’t say this was a bad move because I know that in the long run, it’s going to be worth it. (it’s going to be really advantageous,  I tell ya). Meanwhile, I just have to go with the flow for now and use every exp to my advantage. Who says I’m impatient now ha?

Aside from the tardiness issue and the learning curve, I feel like have not been able to impress my boss that much. Technically, maybe I am doing just fine like I finish things on time and contribute efficiently. However, my boss and I had some issues that I won’t elaborate anymore but basically it’s like this… I am stubborn and he got stressed. Haha.

Lets not forget that earlier this year I had to deal with some long distance thing that is super new to me. OMG. I may have cried almost every night thinking about it. Well not really. (hyperbole, anyone?) Anyway, so maybe it’s not a challenge for everyone but it was a struggle for me. It still is but luckily I’m learning how to manage it. And guess what? We’re halfway there.

I have about two months left before the world ends. I mean, before the year ends. In basketball, a lot can happen in two seconds so I guess I can’t  say the game is over just yet.

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