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Hackathon #2

I was part of another hackathon last weekend. This was my 2nd for the year. Same main sponsor, different result. My partner and I lost. #huhubels

The hackathon event was called TadHack. GlobeLabs was one of the many remote sites that they partnered with. The event is a little bit different because the mechanics were given beforehand and you can go there to submit a finished product already. You can also go there with just an idea and an unfinished app. In short, it allowed pre-coding and it didn’t quite require a fully finished application.

During hackathons, a veteran person once told me not to use an unfamiliar language. But since they allowed pre-coding, I had some time to learn a familiar but seldom used language– Python.

MS suggested that we use Flask so I was forced to use it. Lol. I did write some codes for the GlobeLabs Charging and SMS APIs while MS took care of the skeleton and front-end stuff.

In the end we were able to build PhonePay— the easiest way to sell your digital goods.

Check out one of our demos here.

It’s a simple web app that lets online merchants sell better by allowing their customers to pay using their Globe prepaid/postpaid load. The merchant will just have to register their app and copy a small snippet of codes to their site. This will display a “Buy” button on their items.

Pay with PhonePay

Easier payment solution for consumers = more money for merchants

Some notes:
MS=Mark Steve
GlobeLabs released two new APIs: Location-based Services (LBS) and Subscriber Data Query. Check it out here.


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